The Power of Thoughts

The Power of Thoughts
The Power of Thoughts

Have you ever attended an event, such as a Christmas tree lightning, in the winter? In your excitement, did you forget about how cold it was, or did you choose thoughts to deal with the cold? Or did you attend a fireworks celebration in July and forgot about the heat. Positive thoughts of the event led you to choose thoughts to cope with the cold or the heat. If you have had this experience or a similar experience, you know the power of thoughts.

Therefore, you know that you can choose your thoughts. Thus, you know you can change your perceptions and/or your feelings. How does knowing that you have this power make your feel?

Let us look at how to choose empowering thoughts to build greater self-esteem and confidence.

Make the decision to do so.

Self-esteem is how you feel about you. So why not decide to like yourself, and commit to your decision. Decide what you need to do to like yourself.

Become self-aware and notice the power of thoughts.

Self-awareness allows you to notice your thoughts, positive and negative. It gives you the awareness to reinforce your positive thoughts. And it gives you insight to reframe the negative thought to a positive. Therefore, with self-awareness, you choose thoughts to feel “enough” or capable. To feel “good enough.” You like yourself.

Notice the power of thoughts and overcome resistance.

“What is keeping me from liking myself?” The answer lets you know the obstacle(s) and guides you to the solution, what you need to do to like yourself. Then, ask yourself, “How would my liking myself look if I felt “enough” or capable? Would my life be better if I felt enough? You would feel great, wouldn’t you?

Release negative messages.

What limiting messages do you need to let go? Notice situations where you give yourself limiting messages. Ask yourself questions: Is this logical? Is this a valid criticism? Does telling myself this make me feel good or serve my best good? If you are resisting, you want to let this go. So ask yourself, “What is my pay-off for continuing to say something that does not serve my best interest?” Each of us receives something from any behavior that we do not let go.

Acknowledge your accomplishments.

Identify tasks you accomplished or goals you reached that make you feel proud. What was the value of these to you? To others? What strengths helped you to achieve these? Now you have the confidence and momentum to acknowledge other accomplishments.

Choose positive thoughts; notice the power of thoughts

How often do you say I am and I can or cannot? Giving yourself positive I am and I can statements lead to a shift in thinking. Thus, you believe you are worthy and capable. So, develop affirming statements based on your strengths and accomplishments to feel capable. Doing so, you define yourself in positive terms. Thus, you feel worthy and more capable. You like yourself.

Now, you have a guide to choose the thoughts to feel enough and to like and love you. Enjoy this journey. If you would like help in the process, please contact me at https://lifecoachwehunt/contact.

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