Know the Magic of Self-Talk in These 3 Ways

The Magic of Self-Talk
The Magic of Self-Talk

The Magic of Self-talk is giving yourself praise to bring out the best in you. It is reinforcing your good, the good in you and in what you do. There is always something to praise. Look for the good in you and increase your own peace of mind and happiness. Thus, live the magic in self-talk.

“The measure of mental health is the disposition to find the good everywhere.” Ralph Waldo Emerson. This means to seek the good in you as well. (

Know the Magic of Self-Talk by What You Say.

Say positive things to yourself about your strengths. When you complete a task, affirm the strengths that you used to perform it. Or reach the goal. When you do, you recognize your capability and that you are enough. When you do something new, do you acknowledge the value of your strengths that helped you to do it? The courage you show in trying something different. Also, doing so is letting you know that you appreciate your effort. Give yourself credit for your work.

Praise the act; it is more specific, and one hears it as more sincere than praising what one is. It builds confidence rather than encouraging egotism. Praise yourself for the acts you do that makes you a good manager, trainer, or other rather than saying, “I am a good …’ It means more to you. Moreover, praising or affirming the act gives you motivation to repeat this. You do so to feel better about yourself.

How You Say What You Say to Experience the Magic of Self-Talk

Be generous in your praise. Be sincere and enthusiastic in doing so. Notice how you feel when you do. Try doing it aloud in front of a mirror looking into your eyes. Otherwise, say it silently to yourself and prevent appearance of egotism. The self-praise is for you to like you and to feel enough.

Realize the Magic of Self-Talk by What You Focus on.

Focusing on your acts and attributes helps you value compliments more. And it helps you to know if criticism is true, or not. Knowing this allows you to better deflect untrue or unwarranted criticism. Or respond to it better and easier. Thus, you protect your self-esteem.

If you want greater self-esteem and confidence, praise your acts and attributes now. As you do, notice how you feel. Now, you know you can choose to give yourself positive statements daily.

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