Know the Magic of Self-Talk in These 3 Ways

The Magic of Self-Talk
The Magic of Self-Talk

The Magic of Self-talk is giving yourself praise to bring out the best in you. It is reinforcing your good, the good in you and in what you do. There is always something to praise. Look for the good in you and increase your own peace of mind and happiness. Thus, live the magic in self-talk.

Listening Strengthens Self-Esteem-4 Ways

Listening Builds Self-Esteem

by Dorothy Wehunt

Statistics shows that one of the best ways to build self-esteem is through listening. So how does listening build self-esteem?

Listening and feeling worthwhile

Listening says, “You are a human being and you have something worthwhile to say.” Thus, you are making the statement, “You are a worthwhile person.” And “You’re fine the way you are.”

Gain the True Path to Balance and Live a Peaceful Life

by Dorothy Wehunt

Would you like to have less stress in life? And live with dignity and greater confidence? If you do, you want to gain the true way to balance and live a more peaceful life?

Gain theTrue Way to Balance and a Peaceful Life

The Greek philosophers considered self-control and self-mastery the chief virtue. “A man who conquers himself has won the first and noblest virtues,” according to Plato, a Greek philosopher.

Achieve Goals with High Self-Esteem

Achieve Your Goals with High Self-Esteem.

by Dorothy Wehunt

A person who has high self-esteem feels he or she has value. Thus, he feels worthy and deserving of the best life has to offer. Because he believes in his strengths and abilities, he sets goals based on them. Thus, he feels capable and confident. Why he does trust himself to reach his goals.

4 Steps to Develop Strong Positive Self-Talk

4 Ways to Develop Positive Strong Self-talk

by Dorothy Wehunt

Self-awareness allows us to know what makes us feel good and what does not. When we know this, we can choose self-talk to “feel enough,” and to like ourselves. To develop greater self-awareness and thus positive self-talk, you want to:

Want to Release Comparison

Want to Release Comparison?

by Dorothy Wehunt

Comparing ourselves to others is self-defeating. It causes us not to see our self as a separate person with individual strengths and abilities. Then, comparing our self to another person leads us to think that the other person has no faults and that we should be like that person. Therefore, this causes one to feel less than and leads to self-criticism, which further undermines self-esteem. So, would it be important to you to release comparison now?

Why You Want to Live in the Present

Live in the Present
Why You Want to Live in the Present

by Dorothy Wehunt

Presence is a catalyst for task accomplishment and creating success. When we live in the present, we give our full attention to and engage in what is going on in the now. Doing so promotes task or goal achievement and successful outcomes. Each time we complete a task, we gain confidence in our capability and thus in our ability
to reach our goals. We like ourselves. To create greater success, we want to take a closer look at the relationship between presence and our success and self-esteem.