Self-Esteem: The Crucial Factor for Success for 3 Reasons

Crucial Factor for Success
Self-Esteem: The Crucial Factor for Success

by Dorothy Wehunt

Self-esteem is the reputation one holds with oneself. It is appreciating one’s worth. And feeling satisfied with who you are. Thus, it affects your confidence in your ability to reach your goals and thus achieve success.

Why the Crucial Factor for Success

It is the main factor that influences one’s success. Maslow’s hierarchy of basic human needs and motivations indicates that it is essential that people gain self-esteem to be their best self, to reach their full potential, and achieve at the highest level.

As a matter of fact, John Maxwell, an entrepreneur, business expert and international speaker, said this. “The strongest factor for success is self-esteem. Believing you can do it, believing you deserve it, believing you will get it.” (Succeed Feed, 2021. Accessed February 19, 2021. 47 John Assaraf Quotes That Will Make You Successful | Succeed Feed)

Emotional Well-Being

Moreover, self-esteem is important to a person’s emotional well-being and happiness. People with high self-esteem accurately assess their abilities and acknowledge their strengths and areas for improvement to themselves.  Accurately acknowledging their strengths allows them to put their weaknesses in proper perspective to accept themselves. They feel “enough! They do not internalize negative feedback they receive in life. Therefore, it does not alter the way they feel about themselves. Hence, they are able to give themselves the understanding and support they gives a friend. Hence, they show themselves respect.

Bounce Back from Adversity

Furthermore, people who have high self-esteem bounce back from adversity easier. They realize they are only human. Therefore, they accept that they ae not perfect, and make mistakes. Hence, they are able to forgive themselves and let go of guilt rather than keeping it inside. They affirm their good points and focus on their strengths and what they learned to move forward in life.

On the other hand, low self-esteem can lead to anxiety, stress and depression. It create problems between friends, spouses and within families and hinder performance. It leads to drug and alcohol abuse. These can lead to even lower self-esteem (Build Self-Esteem) and inappropriate, even violent, behavior.

Therefore, self-esteem becomes the crucial factor for success in our personal and professional life. Hence, if you build self-esteem, you will gain greater success, freedom from stress, and anxiety, and thus improve your quality of life.

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