How to Approve of Yourself

How to Approve of Yourself
How to Approve of Yourself

“A man cannot be comfortable without his own approval,” said Mark Twain. (Awaken the Greatness Within, 2015-2020. Accessed January 17, 2021.

If you are reading this, that means you want to know how to approve of yourself. And to continue to read might be a way to start to approve of yourself.

Let Go of Need for Approval-3 Reasons Why

Let Go of Need for Approval

Let go of need for approval. Why?

“You only need your approval. Anyone else is a bonus.” Anonymous (Awaken the Greatest Within, 2015-2020, Accessed January 23, 2021. ) Therefore, you may want to continue to read “Let Go of the Need for Approval-3 Reasons Why” to begin to do so.

How to Make Wise Choices for Best Outcome

Have you ever made a choice that did not lead to your desired result? Many people have experienced this. So, how does one make wise choices for her or him to gain one’s desired outcome? Because wise choices are key to your desired outcome and your well-being, it is the most important choice.

How to Make Wise Choices for Best Outcome

‘Why Build Self-Esteem’

Why Build Self-Esteem?

Many people feel comfortable in some situations and uncomfortable in others. Do you feel good about yourself wherever you are and with whomever you come in contact? Or are there some situations where you wish you felt more confidence? If your answer to the latter is yes, you want to read ‘Why Build Self-Esteem,’ the first chapter of my book, Build Self-Esteem.

Gain the True Path to Balance and Live a Peaceful Life

Gain One True Way to Balance and a Peaceful Life

Would you like to have less stress in life ? And live with dignity and greater confidence? If you do, you want to gain the true way to balance and live a more peaceful life?

The Greek philosophers considered self-control and self-mastery the chief virtue. “A man who conquers himself has won the first and noblest virtues,” according to Plato, a Greek philosopher.

Achieve Goals with High Self-Esteem

Achieve Your Goals with High Self-Esteem.

A person who has high self-esteem feels he or she has value. Thus, he feels worthy and deserving of the best life has to offer. Because he believes in his strengths and abilities, he sets goals based on them. Thus, he feels capable and confident. Why he does trust himself to reach his goals.

Assertiveness and Self-Esteem

Assertiveness and Self-Esteem

Assertiveness is a method of expressing your needs and wants. To do so is to stand a better chance of getting them met. It is standing up for yourself and choosing to take right action to reach your goals. People with high self-esteem and confidence find it easier to assert themselves. With assertiveness, you:  

6 Steps to Overcome Fear of Failure and Live Successfully

How to Overcome Fear of Failure

Many people allow fear of failure to keep them from their dream. Limiting self-talk around situations where they did not receive their desired results and negative feedback from others led to the fear of failure. So, how can one overcome fear of failure and live successfully?