How to Live Consciously

How to Live Consciously
How to Live Consciously

Are you aware of how living with greater awareness can change your life? In “Live Consciously,” the second chapter in Rise Up to Yourself: Greater Success Awaits, you learn what conscious living will mean to your life.

Have you ever thought of what you needed to do in a situation after the fact? Most people can recall a time at some point when they have said, “I should have or I wished I had done this or that.” It came to them a few minutes later or the next day. In some situations, depending on how it affects a person, she or he may become frustrated with oneself.

The Benefits to Conscious Living

Do you agree that it would be beneficial to one’s life to have awareness or insight to know what to do in any situation? You can develop it. Knowing and understanding the benefits of a skill can motivate one to learn the skill and to apply it to your life.

The more awareness a person has of his body and its response to pain the better he manages the pain. Thus, he wants to become aware of his body to manage the pain. This awareness and self-awareness may or may not transfer to others areas of life to better manage it.

 ‘Live consciously” is what it means to have awareness. It illustrates the importance of awareness and self-awareness to you. You see how awareness helps you stay safe. It gives guidance to how awareness and self-awareness help you protect your self-esteem. 

Our awareness is the key. It is our awareness more than our work effort that gets the right result right now.” Mark Victor Hansen (Wisesayings, 2021. Accessed February 18, 2021. quotes/#ixzz6mqQ9ilY).

Also, it guides you to how you know what actions will lead you to success. Besides it gives guidance to help you to choose to act to gain success.

Developing Skills and Qualities

The examples walk you through strategies to develop greater awareness and self-awareness. They lead you to insight to overcome challenges, increase self-esteem and gain success. Thus, the strategies help you to develop or strengthen your skills. Then, you want to “Live Consciously” to take care of and help yourself.

Raise you awareness and share your uniqueness to the world.“(Ibid.)

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