Achieve Your Goals with High Self-Esteem

People who have high self-esteem feel they have value. Thus, they feel they are worthy and deserving of the best life has to offer. Because they believe in their strengths and abilities, they set goals based on them. Thus, they feel capable and confident. They trust themselves to reach their goals.

Because they feel worthy, they make themselves as important as another. They say “Yes” and “No” to say YES to themselves. Thus, they ask for what they want and are willing to take right action to reach their goal. They take calculated risks to reach their goals.

Since they feel deserving, they acknowledge small and big successes. They give themselves positive self-statements to stay motivated and confident. When a person feels confident, he feels capable. Thus, he tackles difficult tasks to reach his goal.

By choosing to live with awareness, they know their areas of potential. Thus, they know how to be their best self and to achieve greater success. Because they believe in their strengths and abilities, they believe they can learn new things. They are willing to act to improve their skills and overcome limitations to reach goals.

People who have healthy self-esteem choose to resolve their own challenges and problems. When a person lets another person rescue him, she or he sets himself up to become a victim.

They focus on what they can influence or change for the better, not the things they have no real control over. They look for workable strategies and solutions. Doing so creates a positive energy that acts as a catalyst for greater personal power and action. Thus, their concerns lose their power or disappear. Hence, they take right action to achieve their goals. At the same time, their belief in their skills makes others other believe in them and their abilities. They gain respect from others and thus greater self-respect.

In addition, they take control of their emotions. Thus, they respond rather than react to situations, which helps them to gain influence. They affirm themselves to avoid internalizing negatives. In doing so, they reduce or prevent conflict and thus manage stress and protect their dignity.

Then, people with self-esteem know how to use their strengths and abilities. They know how to contribute to the betterment of society and to be part of the world. Thus, they make themselves important to society and the world.


©Dorothy Wehunt and 2019. 

4 Ways to Live with Integrity

Integrity is an essential ingredient for self-esteem. Here are four ways to live with integrity and maintain your self-respect.

Know your truth – Be honest with yourself about who you are — your strengths and weaknesses. This calls upon you to evaluate who you are sincerely and objectively. To do this, let go of the need to be perfect and give yourself credit for your successes, strengths, skills, talents, and abilities.

Admit mistakes – Admitting mistakes and correcting them if possible builds integrity with others. Certainly, you want to admit the mistake to the right person. Moreover, admitting a mistake is not living in denial. Thus,  it builds self-integrity. Once you admit a mistake, you want to forgive yourself to let go of any guilt because each of us has the right to live a peaceful life and to love ourselves.

Be true to yourself – Set goals around your strengths and abilities, not those of others. You project your true self and gain respect, which increase your self-respect. Moreover, setting goals around your strengths and abilities will inspire you to pursue your goals, to express your strengths, and to overcome challenges to meet your goals, which builds self-integrity and thus self-respect.

Do your best – Setting high standards is essential for us to do our best. Having high standards inspires you and gives you the guidance to do so. Pursuing high standards, even when no one is watching, is living with the integrity to respect yourself.

Therefore, to live with integrity to respect yourself and build self-esteem, you must decide to make the choices and take the actions necessary to live with integrity.

©Dorothy Wehunt and 2019.

How to Have Stable High Self-Esteem

Self-esteem is how we feel about our self or our abilities and our worth. If one consistently feels okay or comfortable with who one is, or “feels enough,” on a daily basis and in different situations, he has high self-esteem. How can each of us have stable High Self-Esteem?

Live consciously – With self-awareness, we can be in tune with who we are – our likes, dislikes, needs, wants, strengths, weaknesses, accomplishments, beliefs and values.

Evaluate yourself honestly -When are honest with ourselves about who we are, we project our true and best self, not a false sense of self. Thus, we gain respect, which increases our self-respect.

Acknowledge your accomplishments – To recognize your accomplishments allows you to identify strengths that you can verify. Therefore, you know you own them, for they helped you achieve these successes.  You feel capable. Hence, you feel enough.

Accept yourself – We want to accept ourselves just as we are — our strengths and weaknesses. If we do not accept our flaws, we are rejecting ourselves and setting ourselves up to make mistakes. If we do not acknowledge our flaws, how will we know how to improve ourselves to become the person we want to be?

Live with Integrity – This is being true to ourselves, following our heart and honoring our values. It is doing what is right. Each of us has a conscious. When we follow it, we have no regrets and guilt. Maintaining respect for oneself, naturally, affects how one feels about oneself.

Live in the Present –The past is gone; we can not undo it. We want to focus our attention on what we are doing right or good now. We want to use mistakes to make better choices to prevent mistakes in the future.

Give Yourself Positive Feedback – We want to reaffirm ourselves based on our accomplishments — our strengths, abilities and qualities, and the good in our lives.

Set Goals – We want to set goals based on our strengths. When we do, we know we have a better chance of success. Therefore we walk with confidence and thus experience less stress.

Take positive action – We want to use assertive behavior to meet our needs and wants, reach our goals, live by our values, and stand up for our rights.

When we find our best self and live with it or project it on a regular basis, we feel good about ourselves. Therefore, we feel in charge of our lives.

©Dorothy Wehunt and 2019.