Increase Self-Respect: Release 3 things

To respect ourselves we must find the best within us and live with our best selves. Then we want to overcome the barriers to self-respect, so that we can begin to give ourselves the respect we desire.

Fear of the Unknown – Uncertainty is present in our lives every day. The weather changes. Changes occur at work — Lay-offs, mergers, bosses, and technology. These changes lead to a different way of doing things in the workplace. Society changes. Fear of uncertainty or the unknown can lead to withdrawal, which keeps us from pursuing our dreams, interacting with others and making friends, and thus living a full life. On the other hand, learning to live with uncertainty helps us to develop strength and resilience and become resourceful.

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Increase Self-Awareness: Increase Self-Esteem

Self-awareness allows us to know what makes us feel good and what does not. When we know this, we can choose thoughts to “feel enough,” and to like ourselves. To develop greater self-awareness, you want to:

Notice Your Feelings – Your awareness of your feelings in your body – frustration, guilt, anxiety, disappointment, anger, depression, etc., in different situations– signal you to listen to what you are saying to yourself.

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Self-Esteem: The Crucial Factor to Success

Self-esteem is the reputation one holds with oneself. It is appreciating one’s worth and feeling satisfied with who you are.

In addition, it is the main factor that influences one’s success. Maslow’s hierarchy of basic human needs and motivations indicates that it is essential that people gain self-esteem to be their best self, to reach their full potential, and achieve at the highest level.

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If You Want to Accept Yourself, Let Go of Five Things

To accept yourself is to love yourself. It is self-caring or being empathetic to yourself. It is nourishing yourself. To accept yourself, let go of the following:

Comparison and Competition – Focus on your accomplishments and their value to accept yourself. When you do, you will see the value and power of your strengths, and thus know your value. You will not need to compare yourself to others. You will compete with yourself. You will have less stress

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