How to Live Consciously

Are you aware of how living with greater awareness can change your life? In “Live Consciously,” the second chapter in Rise Up to Yourself: Greater Success Awaits, you learn what conscious living will mean to your life.

Having Insight at the Right Moment

Have you ever thought of what you needed to do in a situation after the fact? Most people can recall a time at some point when they have said, “I should have or I wished I had done this or that. It came to them a few minutes later or the next day. In some situations, depending on it affects a person, he or she may become frustrated with oneself.

The Benefits to Conscious Living

Do you agree that it would be beneficial to one’s life to have awareness or insight to know what to do in any situation? You can develop it. Knowing and understanding the benefits of a skill can motivate us to learn the skill and to apply it to our lives.

The more awareness a person has of his body and its response to pain the better he manages the pain. Thus, he wants to become aware of his body to manage the pain. This awareness and self-awareness may or may not transfer to others areas of life to better manage it.

 ‘Live consciously” is what it means to have awareness. It illustrates the importance of awareness and self-awareness to you. You see how awareness helps you stay safe. It gives guidance to how awareness and self-awareness help you protect your self-esteem.  Also, it guides you to how you know what actions will lead you to success. Besides it gives guidance to help you to choose to act to gain success.

Developing Skills and Qualities

The examples walk you through strategies to develop greater awareness and self-awareness. They lead you to insight to overcome challenges, increase self-esteem and gain success. Thus, the strategies help you to develop or strengthen your skills. Then, you want to “Live Consciously” to take care of and help yourself.

If you want to increase your self-esteem and gain greater success, click here to read more about this.

Assertiveness and Self-Esteem

Assertiveness is a method of expressing your needs and wants. To do so is to stand a better chance of getting them met. It is standing up for yourself and choosing to take right action to reach your goals. People with high self-esteem and confidence find it easier to assert themselves. With assertiveness, you:

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The Force for Success

What does success mean to you? Would you like the success you desire in life?

For some people success means money to pay bills and do what they like doing while others want wealth. Then, some people want power or influence while others want to make a difference in the world.

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Many people feel comfortable in some situations and uncomfortable in others. Do you feel good about yourself wherever you are and with whomever you come in contact? Or are there some situations where you wish you felt more confident? If your answer to the latter is yes, you want to read ‘Why Choose High Self-Esteem,’ the first chapter of my book, Build Self-Esteem.

This chapter on ‘Why Choose High Self-Esteem’  explains why self-esteem is important to all areas of one’s life. In addition, the references and explanation given help people to see that having healthy self-esteem is good. Thus, they choose to make the decision to gain greater self-esteem.

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“Rise Up to Yourself”

When you were a child growing up, did your mother or father wake you up by gently shaking you and saying, “Rise up and Shine.”? If so, you probably knew that meant to pay attention to your teacher today, make good grades, and don’t get in trouble. So, you learned it meant, “Do your best.”

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Empower Yourself with Self Talk

What are you telling yourself right now? Our self-talk, verbally or silently, empowers or disempowers us and thus builds or undermines one’s self-esteem and self-confidence.  How does it do that? It determines our:

Feelings – What we tell ourselves, about daily situations influence how we feel — sad or happy, worried or anxious, frustrated, or fearful.  The thoughts we hold about our value as a person affect whether we feel we are worthy or worthwhile and deserving.

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How to Overcome Fear of Failure

Many people allow fear of failure to keep them from their dream. Limiting self-talk around situations where they did not receive their desired results and negative feedback from others led to the fear of failure. How can one let go of fear of failure?

Choose Success – Make a conscious decision to set goals for the self-satisfaction of reaching them, not for just a paycheck. Doing so gives you a greater buy in for achieving success. You become committed to the goal achievement.

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