How to Have Balance to Live with True Peace Even in Troubling Times

Why build and self with Self-Esteem?

The Greek philosophers considered self-control and self-mastery the chief virtue. “A man who conquers himself has won the first and noblest virtues,” according to Plato, a Greek philosopher.

What Self-Control Means in Our Lives.

Self-control is to oversee or manage your desires. Thus, the self-control person avoids extremes. He refuses to lose control. In other words, he lives with balance. Therefore, self-control is control of self.

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How to Come Back from Failure

Learn 4 Ways to Bounce Back Lighter from Failure

An illness, a divorce, job loss, or loss of a loved one knocked a person down and out. Or an economic crisis. Has a situation ever knocked you down and out? Sometime you found yourself down and out from a situation that you could not cope with. Did you say to yourself, “Would I feel better if I gave up?” How did you come back from that situation?

What I want to share with you is how to come back from failure. There are four ways that can help you do so.  What do you do if you ever feel down and out?

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The Power of Thoughts

Why you want to become aware of your thoughts?

Have you ever attended an event, such as a Christmas tree lightning, in the winter? In your excitement, did you forget about how cold it was, or did you choose thoughts to deal with the cold? Or did you attend a fireworks celebration in July and forgot about the heat. Positive thoughts of the event led you to choose thoughts to cope with the cold or the heat.

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How to Live Consciously

What greater self-awareness will do for your self-esteem and you life?

Are you aware of how living with greater awareness can change your life? In “Live Consciously,” the second chapter in Rise Up to Yourself: Greater Success Awaits, you learn what conscious living will mean to your life.

Having Insight at the Right Moment

Have you ever thought of what you needed to do in a situation after the fact? Most people can recall a time at some point when they have said, “I should have or I wished I had done this or that.” It came to them a few minutes later or the next day. In some situations, depending on how it affects a person, he or she may become frustrated with oneself.

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How to Cope with Uncertainty

What it will mean to you and your life to cope with uncertainty?

Does uncertainty in life cause you to ask yourself, “Will I be able to handle or cope with this?” and undermine your self-esteem, confidence and thus your success?

Uncertainty is part of life. Worrying about what can or will happen will not prevent something from happening. So how do we overcome the fear of the unknown?

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