Apply These 8 Steps and Gain Peace of Mind


Gain Peace of Mind
Apply These 8 Steps and Gain Peace of Mind.

by Dorothy Wehunt

When we have peace of mind, we are not in an adversarial relationship with our lives and ourselves. When we can know and feel we can handle our daily life free of anxiety, we are confident. Thus, we like and respect ourselves. Below are the steps you want to gain peace of mind.

Focus on your goals to gain peace of mind.

Begin your day by focusing on your goals. Choose to take the positive actions that will bring you closer to your goal.

Live in the present.

If you give your attention to doing your best, you make today the best day ever. Generate positive thoughts and put images of the past behind you. After doing this daily for a period-of-time, the past remains there.

Release negative self-talk.

Reframe a self-defeating thought with a self-promoting thought. Choose thoughts that help you feel worthy, deserving, appreciative, capable, and happy.

Assert yourself and gain peace of mind.

Approach your goals with an energetic, enthusiastic boldness and determination. Yet, avoid being confrontational and belligerent. To be assertive, you meet your needs while respecting the rights and needs of others. The intent of assertiveness is to lead to a win-win. Assertiveness does not step on the toes of others to meet one’s needs.

Overcome indecision.

Set goals based on your previous successes. When you do, you believe in your abilities. You have references. Thus, you feel capable and confident. You trust your abilities to achieve success. Thus, you decide to act to reach your goals.

Forgive yourself.

To do so, let go of feelings of inferiority. This means you forgive your mistakes. You want to forgive on a daily basis. Doing so allows you to let go of daily irritation. Feeling irritated on a continuous basis becomes self-destructive. When you forgive yourself for past thoughts, actions, and mistakes, you live in the present.

Let go of doubt.

Acknowledge your past successes. Identify the strengths and abilities that helped you to achieve them. When you do, you know that you own your strengths. Thus, you believe in your abilities and yourself.

Accept what is.

Focus on what you can control. If something does not work out, look at what you can do to make it better.

If you want to gain peace of mind, I don’t if is the right decision now for you to take the needed action that will give it to you.

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