About Dorothy

Degrees and Certification

Psychology, MS
NLP, Master’s Certification
Certified Life Coach
Mediation Training


I believe everyone has the right to live his or her dreams and have a happy, peaceful, and fulfilling life. I believe each person can gain the self-esteem and confidence to do so, and thus become the best he or she can be. I began studying self-esteem, NLP, values and behavioral information when I was experiencing all the difficulties life was throwing at me. This led me to become a Master NLP Practitioner and coach to help others overcome challenges and/or prevent problems to have the life they want and/or to become the person they really want to be which in turn led me to receive a master’s in psychology.

I believe my life experience strengthens my coaching. Having experienced separation, job loss, career change, death of family and friends, and the related emotions give understanding and insight to where a person is coming from and what is possible. And since I have used these skills myself, I know they work.

I enjoy working with individuals who are ready to invest in themselves- their success and happiness. If you would like to contact me, you may do so through the contact page. Leave contact information and I will get back in touch with you.


With Dorothy’s help, I learned to interact in a more effective and harmonious manner to improve relationships at work and to get my needs met. And, I determined which job duties I find most satisfying. Thus, I gained the self-esteem and confidence to change jobs and gain a promotion. Artie GA

Dorothy’s coaching has been a tremendous help. The wisdom and understanding she gained from her life experienced coupled with her training and educations lends itself to powerful insights. I highly recommend to anyone who is sincere about exploring his or abilities to reach his potential and achieve his goals. Carol NC

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