7 Reasons to Become Self-Reliant

7 Reasons to Become Self-Reliant

by Dorothy Wehunt

Self-reliance is knowing you can stand on your own two feet. It is listening to your inner guidance or nudges, etc., rather than to others. Or to external factors. When you are self-reliant, you believe you can do what you need to do to become successful and take care of yourself. Then, being self-reliant is having the essential component for developing high self-esteem and confidence.

To develop self-reliance, you want to do the following:

Relinquish the need for approval.

You know you have the strengths and abilities to achieve success. When you know this, you pursue your goals and expectations, not those of others. Now, you know you no longer need the approval of others.

“You only need your approval. Anyone else is a bonus.” Anonymous (Awaken the Greatest Within, 2015-2020, Accessed January 23, 2021. https://www.awakenthegreatnesswithin.com/35-inspirational-quotes-on-approval/

Feel motivated.

You feel capable or “feel enough.” Therefore, you do not need outside stimulation.

Overcome procrastination.

Because you trust your abilities now, you have the confidence to tackle new and different tasks. You begin.

Handle situations.

When problems occur, you are able to look at each situation as it actually is — the issues, the facts, the conditions, the consequences, etc., not as you would like them to be, to find the right, positive, workable solution.

Release worry.

Since you trust your strengths and abilities, you trust yourself to meet any challenges that might occur on your path to success. Thus, you feel in control.

Let go of feelings of helplessness.

You no longer have to depend on others or on what they are willing to do and when they are willing to do it.

Tess discovered in her early adult life the feeling of self-reliance and the confidence it gives one. You may want to read her story ‘A Great Gift’ in chapter two in Unknown Treasures.

And Michael Bassey Johnson gives us a another reason to become self-reliant. “If you truly want to be respected by people you love, you must prove to them that you can survive without them.” (Morning Alliance. 2017. Accessed February 18, 2021. http://www.morningalliance.com/quotes-about-self-reliance)

Protect yourself.

Inner-directed, you know you can take care of yourself. Thus, you take responsibility for your inspiration, emotions and reactions, success, livelihood, peace and happiness. When you do, no one lets you down.

Become self-reliant and increase your self-esteem and self-confidence and thus your success, peace, and happiness.

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