6 Ways to Empower Yourself with Self Talk

6 Ways to Empower Yourself with Self-Talk

Are you giving yourself positive statements to empower yourself right now?

A person’s self-talk, verbally or silently, empowers or disempowers him or her. Thus, it builds or undermines his self-esteem and self-confidence.  How does it do that? It determines our:

Self-talk and feelings

What a person tells himself, about daily situations influence how he feels — sad or happy, worried or anxious, frustrated, or fearful.  The thoughts one holds about one’s value as a person affects whether you feel you are worthy or worthwhile and deserving.

Thoughts and feeling enough

How a person chooses to view his or her accomplishments determines how successful he feel. If you think your strengths can benefit you, you feel capable. Thus, you “feel enough.”

One’s Self Talk and Decisions

The way a person defines him or herself depends upon who or what he thinks he is. Thus, what you think or believe about your abilities determines whether or not you make the decision to set and pursue goals. It determines what goal(s) you decide to set and action(s) you choose to take. Whether you decide to forgive mistakes depends on whether you live in the present. And whether you focus your thoughts on your successes, what you did right or what worked out, and your goals.

Self-statements and action

When a person gives himself encouraging and positive messages about his strengths and abilities, he believes in them and self, doesn’t she? Thus, she or he feels inspired to take act to reach her or his goal, would you agree.

Assertion to empower yourself

When a person feels worthwhile, he or she feels he deserves success. When he or she believes in his abilities, he trusts himself to pursue his goals. He has developed an “I can” attitude. Thus, he takes action to meet his goals.

Thoughts and Risk-taking

Challenges often occur that require a person to do something differently if he wants to reach his goal to achieve his desired success. If one feels deserving of success and believes in one’s strengths, he or she trust him or herself to overcome the challenges to reach his goal and gain success.

If you want greater self-esteem and self-confidence, you want to decide to choose the thoughts that you need to think on a daily basis to do so.

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