4 Ways to Develop Positive Self-Talk

4 Ways to Develop Positive Self-talk

Self-awareness allows us to know what makes us feel good and what does not. When we know this, we can choose self-talk to “feel enough,” and to like ourselves. To develop greater self-awareness and thus positive self-talk, you want to:

Notice Your Feelings

Your awareness of your feelings in your body – frustration, guilt, anxiety, disappointment, anger, depression, etc., in different situations– signal you to listen to what you are saying to yourself.

Listen to your self-talk.

When you notice the negative feelings in your body, you want to take the time to listen your what you are saying to yourself. Then you want to reject or reframe any negative statements. You have the information to guide you in creating self-affirming statements.

Ask Yourself Questions

The answers to the questions you ask yourself  provide you with information to develop a new thought to hold to like yourself. Moreover, they can inspire you to create and say positive statements to yourself regularly.

Make Conscious Choices

Your awareness of negative feelings and messages provide you with the opportunity to choose your self-talk. You can choose statements to feel worthwhile and capable, handle stress, overcome mistakes, fear, worry, etc. and forgive yourself.

To choose self-talk and to make it a habit to feel good about
yourself requires you to make a choice to develop self-awareness, know yourself. I hope you will decide to do so today.

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