When Does One Feel that One Has True Self-Esteem

Why you want to build and live with Self-Esteem?

To genuinely have true self-esteem, you understand yourself. Therefore, you seek to know yourself.

Have self-awareness.

You develop self-awareness. You are honest with yourself. Hence, you acknowledge your strengths. And you know your weaknesses.

Give unconditional love.

True self-esteem is unconditional love for self. That means that you accept that you have weaknesses. But it means you love yourself despite your weaknesses.

“Genuine self-esteem is based on humility and an acceptance of your shortcomings.” (Burns 1989, 69)

Therefore, you accept and remember that each of us is human and no human is perfect. That means you accept that each of us does and will make mistakes. Then, having true self-esteem is being modest.

Become your best friend.

So, to have true self-esteem, you love yourself as you love your neighbor. You become your best friend. That means you nourish and cherish yourself. So, how can you protect self and nourish self unless you become aware of your weaknesses?

Cherish yourself.

To nourish yourself and cherish yourself, you are sensitive to yourself. To do so, you give yourself feedback to like yourself. You take care of your body. And you nourish and reinforce your strengths and appreciate them. Moreover, you use them and build on them to grow. 

Be our best.

If you love yourself, you want to be able to cope with life to be your best self and to have the life you deserve. Therefore, you develop the discipline to refrain from things and to do the uncomfortable to be your best friend. In other words, you may end up doing the things you do not want to do. And not doing the things you want to do.

In addition, true self-love projects a healthy self-esteem. It says that I am okay and you are okay. Love your neighbor as yourself does not say or imply better than or less than.

Have inner strength.

To love your neighbor as yourself, you must love yourself to have the inner strength and resources to love others. In other words, you cannot love your neighbor unless you love yourself. 

Be happy.

If you are going to be your best friend to love yourself, then you want to be happy. “All people want to feel important. They want to like themselves,” said Dale Carnegie.

Would contributing to the world make you feel important and happy?  If so, why not begin to follow your passion or dream now.

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