How to Conquer Fear of the Unknown

Does uncertainty in life cause you to ask yourself, “Will I be able to handle or cope with this?” and undermine your self-esteem, confidence and thus your success?

Uncertainty is part of life. Worrying about what can or will happen will not prevent something from happening. So how do we overcome the fear of the unknown?

• Take control of your emotions. – Come from a place of power rather than from a victim state of helplessness and hopelessness.

• Be Proactive. – Ask yourself, “What can I do? What options do I have?” Doing what one can do allows one to be able to let go of feeling helpless. Taking action that is under one’s control, that one is able to do, helps one to feel confident and capable.

• Give yourself positive self-talk. – Develop statements around what you can do and create new self-talk to move forward. Doing so is focusing on the known. Doing what you know you can do, the known, builds confidence. It gives hope helping to reduce feelings of helplessness.

• Set goals. – You want to set goals each day and focus on taking the needed action to achieve them. When we are busy being productive, our mind does not have time to worry.

• Forgive your mistakes. – If something does not work out, look at what you did right and what you can learn to have success. Do not beat up on yourself. Everyone makes mistakes at one time or another.

Overcome uncertainty and build the self-esteem and confidence to gain your desired success.

©Dorothy Wehunt and 2019.