Many people feel comfortable in some situations and uncomfortable in others. Do you feel good about yourself wherever you are and with whomever you come in contact? Or are there some situations where you wish you felt more confident? If your answer to the latter is yes, you want to read ‘Why Choose High Self-Esteem,’ the first chapter of my book, Choose to Have High Self-Esteem.

This chapter on ‘Why Choose High Self-Esteem’  explains why self-esteem is important to all areas of one’s life. In addition, it gives references and an explanation that will help people give themselves permission to accept that it is okay, not wrong, to have healthy self-esteem.

Personal and Professional Benefits-Quotes from various self-esteem authorities explain and reinforce to us the reasons one wants to develop high self-esteem for both personal and professional success. Norman Vincent Peale and Robert Collier address a particular characteristic that people who choose high self-esteem possess and its role in achieving success. Clement Stone speaks of self-esteem in regard to communication. In addition, Bonaro Overstreet addresses its value in conflict. Moreover, Nathaniel Branden and Les Giblin specifically speaks to how it affects one personal and professional success. Sidney Simon is specific in how he it affects one’s well-being.

Benefits illustrated-Explained in ‘Why Choose High Self-Esteem’ is how people with high self-esteem versus how people with low self-esteem feel about themselves and function. Examples include entering the work force, pursuing a dream or goal(s), performing a task and making decisions. In addition, it discusses how self-esteem helps one to take care of oneself and protect one’s esteem and dignity. Moreover, described is how it affects interaction in both one’s personal and professional life.

I might add that “Why Choose High Self-Esteem’ provides many examples of different situations where high self-esteem could change someone’s life for the better. These examples can help you to identify how greater self-esteem could improve your life.

To read how Choose to Have High Self-Esteem can help you to gain greater self-esteem and confidence, click here.

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