“Rise Up to Yourself”


When you were a child growing up, did your mother or father wake you up by gently shaking you and saying, “Rise up and Shine.”? If so, you knew that meant to pay attention to your teacher today, make good grades, and don’t get in trouble. So, you learned it meant, “Do your best.”
Why Read This Book
“Rise Up to Yourself,” is the first chapter in my book, Rise Up to Yourself, Greater Success Awaits.  This chapter tells how being your best self involves more than  using your training in a subject to do your job. Second, it describes how developing and using soft skills will help you to be your best self. Hence, you will have greater self-esteem and confidence. So, your chance for success is greater. Third, it tells you what you want to look for as you read each chapter to apply the information on a daily basis. When you do, your will feel good about yourself. You will feel capable of achieving your desired success.
Why I Wrote
I wrote this book because I, like many others I have met in life, wished I had been aware of these non-technical skills. Awareness of their importance and power and how to use them early in life helps us to avoid some mistakes. Thus, we can achieve more or greater success in life.


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