How to Overcome Fear of Failure

Many people allow fear of failure to keep them from their dream. Limiting self-talk around situations where they did not receive their desired results and negative feedback from others led to the fear of failure. How can one let go of fear of failure?

Choose Success.

Make a conscious decision to set goals for the self-satisfaction of reaching them, not for just a paycheck. Doing so gives you a greater buy in for achieving success. You become committed to the goal achievement.

Find Your Uniqueness.

When you realize your uniqueness — what qualities or traits, strengths, talents, skills and abilities that make up who you are — you know your value. You believe in yourself and believe you can achieve success.

Improve Your Handicap.

What weakness is the greatest contributing factor to the fear of failure? Alternatively, what undeveloped area, if developed, would help you increase your chance of success and do so with the least resistance, and thus overcome fear of failure.? Developing new qualities and skills will help you to feel more capable and thus more confident to act to achieve success.

Forgive Your Mistakes.

Remember, everyone makes mistakes. What did you learn from the mistake that can become a building block for success? Certainly, you want to give yourself credit for what you did that worked.

Create New Self-talk.

Develop positive statements around your strengths, what you learned and what you did that worked and affirm yourself. To know and affirm your strengths is to own them which allows you to believe you can achieve success. Therefore, you let go of fear of failure.

Make Success a Habit

Set daily goals, and do what you need to do to reach them. In doing so, you develop a habit of setting and attaining goals — achieving success. Acknowledging successes increases self-confidence, which inspires you to set other goals and to take action to attain more or greater success

Love yourself enough to overcome fear of failure, and you will increase your self-confidence and gain success and greater self-respect.

©Dorothy Wehunt and 2019