4 Ways to Live with Integrity

Integrity is an essential ingredient for self-esteem. Here are four ways to live with integrity and maintain your self-respect.

Know your truth – Be honest with yourself about who you are — your strengths and weaknesses. This calls upon you to evaluate who you are sincerely and objectively. To do this, let go of the need to be perfect and give yourself credit for your successes, strengths, skills, talents, and abilities.

Admit mistakes – Admitting mistakes and correcting them if possible builds integrity with others. Certainly, you want to admit the mistake to the right person. Moreover, admitting a mistake is not living in denial. Thus,  it builds self-integrity. Once you admit a mistake, you want to forgive yourself to let go of any guilt because each of us has the right to live a peaceful life and to love ourselves.

Be true to yourself – Set goals around your strengths and abilities, not those of others. You project your true self and gain respect, which increase your self-respect. Moreover, setting goals around your strengths and abilities will inspire you to pursue your goals, to express your strengths, and to overcome challenges to meet your goals, which builds self-integrity and thus self-respect.

Do your best – Setting high standards is essential for us to do our best. Having high standards inspires you and gives you the guidance to do so. Pursuing high standards, even when no one is watching, is living with the integrity to respect yourself.

Therefore, to live with integrity to respect yourself and build self-esteem, you must decide to make the choices and take the actions necessary to live with integrity.

©Dorothy Wehunt and https://lifecoachwehunt.com 2019.