7 Ways to Love Yourself


Self-love is giving kindness, understanding, and encouragement to oneself and showing concern for oneself. It is giving yourself unconditional positive regard. Then to love yourself you want to:

Give Yourself Positive Feedback – The things we say to ourselves affects how we feel about ourselves. Self-talk determines whether we take action to pursue our goals or handle situations to take care of ourselves. To have positive self-talk requires that we make a conscious choice to do so.

Appreciate Your Strengths – Each of us has strengths, skills, talents and abilities. Identify and acknowledge them for they make you who you are. They differentiate you from anyone else and make you unique. Thus they give you value and help you find your purpose in life.

Forgive Yourself – Doing so helps us to move forward to achieve our goals and build a future. Staying stuck in the past is a waste of time and energy. It is gone and we cannot bring it back.

Stand Up for Yourself – Each of us has certain rights. When we speak up for ourselves, we are protecting ourselves or our interest and our integrity.

Meet Your Needs – Know when saying “Yes” and saying “No” meets your needs. Know when and how to say “Yes” and “No” to yourself and others to meet your needs.  Certainly, you want to say no to avoid becoming a victim.

Let Go of Perfectionism – No one is perfect. We are human beings. Acknowledging this helps us to forgive ourselves

Live by your values – When we do, we set priorities and make choices and decisions accordingly.  Doing so is being true to who you are and honoring who you are.

When you choose to apply these to your life, notice how you feel about yourself. When will you decide?

©Dorothy Wehunt and https://lifecoachwehunt.com 2019.