Gain the True Path to Balance and Live a Peaceful Life

by Dorothy Wehunt

Would you like to have less stress in life? And live with dignity and greater confidence? If you do, you want to gain the true way to balance and live a more peaceful life?

Gain theTrue Way to Balance and a Peaceful Life

The Greek philosophers considered self-control and self-mastery the chief virtue. “A man who conquers himself has won the first and noblest virtues,” according to Plato, a Greek philosopher.

What Self-Control Means in Our Lives.

Self-control is to oversee or manage your desires. Thus, the self-control person avoids extremes. He refuses to lose control. In other words, he lives with balance. Therefore, self-control is control of self.

You control your eating and your buying of things. You refrain from saying hurtful things. You avoid losing your temper or lashing out at someone. You handle a crisis without losing your cool.

Choose the Path to Self-control.

Through self-discipline, you develop self-control and thus balance. And self-control demonstrates to others that you have self-discipline.

So, how does one develop discipline to develop self-control? You “count to 10” to avoid losing your temper. You “bite your tongue”. Or bite your lip. You wear a rubber band on your arm and pop yourself to control your behavior.

Look to the real source to find self-control fir balance.

What motives you to develop discipline? 

The source for discipline is love. It is love for another. It is love for self. 

Love for Another

Love for another inspires self-control. When you love another, self-control comes easy and naturally. Self-control shows love to the other person love.  Therefore, you gain respect from the other person. The smile on the other person’s face reinforces his/her love and appreciation.  Hence, you maintain your dignity and increase your self-respect.

Love for Self

Furthermore, love for self is the greatest source for discipline to develop self-control.  Self-discipline and self-love both come from self. The sense of accomplishment, dignity and self-respect you feel from having the self-discipline to have control of your self gives you positive reinforcement. Therefore, you have the motivation to continue to choose to take control of self.

John Lock said, “Let no one say he cannot govern his passions or keep them from breaking out, for he can do that when he is in the presence of princes and kings and great men. And if he can control himself then, he can control himself when he is alone, too, if he wills to do it.”    

If you would like to gain respect and appreciation from others and thus live with dignity and self-respect, you want to develop self control. And if you would like help doing so, you can contact me.

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